Heating and Cooling Technology

Surface Embedded Heating and Cooling Systems

Surface embedded heating and cooling systems are water-carrying systems which are embedded in room surfaces (e.g. underfloor heating systems).

The systems are tested by means of calculation according to EN 1264 for defined standard systems, and for special systems by means of an experimental procedure. We carry out both the calculations and the measurements in our test facilities. The tests have been approved by DIN CERTCO for the DIN-Geprüft mark.

The tests include:

  • Specific standard thermal output and standard temperature difference
  • Set of characteristics for different thermal resistances of the floor covering
  • Limits of specific heat output and temperature difference
  • Specific standard heat output for wall or ceiling mounted systems (EN 1264-5)
  • Specific standard cooling capacity (EN 1264-5)

The device for metrological testing of underfloor heating systems according to EN 1264-2 consists of a so-called sandwich construction. For this test, a 1 m x 1 m test specimen of the underfloor heating system is to be prepared by the manufacturer.  This test specimen is placed between two flat tube heating walls through which water flows and which are controlled to a constant temperature of 20 °C (simulation of room temperature). Special layers of cellular rubber with defined thermal resistances, which are placed between the upper plate and the test object, result in a simulation of heat transfer and floor coverings. The test object is connected to a measuring circuit through which water flows. The temperature distribution on the floor surface is determined with several temperature sensors and the specific heat output is calculated from this.