Heating and Cooling Technology

Radiant Heating and Cooling Systems

Unlike surface embedded systems, these systems are heating and cooling surfaces that are installed in suspended ceilings or as freely suspended ceiling sails.

The cooling capacity is determined according to EN 14240 and the heating capacity according to EN 14037-5 in a closed test booth in our testing laboratory. The tests have been approved by DIN CERTCO for the DIN-Geprüft mark.

The tests include:

  • Standard cooling capacity
  • Characteristic curve of the cooling capacity
  • Standard thermal output
  • Characteristic curve of the thermal output

We have a test booth according to EN 442-2 (radiator) available to test the cooling capacity and thermal output of cooling and heating surfaces. The adiabatic test booth can be set up by an additional internal thermal insulation and a wall temperature corresponding to the room temperature in order to measure cooling capacity. The required cooling loads can be introduced into the booth by means of mobile, controlled electric heat sources (person simulators).