Heating and Cooling Technology

Heat Cost Allocators

WSPLab tests electronic heat cost allocators according to EN 834. We carry out approval tests in cooperation with the WTP GmbH Berlin expert office.

These tests are carried out in an open booth according to DIN 4701 part 1. It is protected against external thermal influence as it is set up in a separate temperature-controlled room.

The tests also include:

  • Determination of c-values in combination with different radiator models
  • Compliance with the limit values of the relative display deviation
  • Checking the start of counting during normal operation and during operation with thermal influence
  • Checking the idle display speed
  • Checking the display speed under thermal influence
  • Checking the display speed under electric or magnetic influence
  • Checking the temperature and aging resistance

We have a stock of approximately 800 different radiator models that are used for c-value tests. The stock of radiators is constantly expanded with up-to-date radiator models.