Heating and Cooling Technology

Chilled Beams

Chilled beams are convective cooling systems without (passive) or with (active) forced ventilation, which are normally mounted on the ceiling.

Chilled beams with forced ventilation are special, as only the secondary air flows via the heat exchanger, which is induced by the primary air flow. Passive chilled beams are tested according to EN 14518, and active chilled beams according to EN 15116. Both measurement processes described in the European standards can be carried out at WSPLab in an adiabatic test room with internal cooling load, as well as in a test room where the cooling load is inserted via the walls. The tests according to the European standards comprise the determination of the rated cooling capacity and the characteristic curve of the cooling capacity for at least two different cooling water flows. The influence of the primary air flow on the cooling capacity of active chilld beams is determined by two additional measuring points with a 20% lower and 20% higher air flow.

Eurovent Certita Certification set up a European certification system for chilled beams. The test concept is based on the European standards mentioned above. WSPLab has been designated as the only testing laboratory for the Eurovent Certita Certification process. The cooling capacity of chilled beams is tested in our test bed according to EN 442-2 (radiator test). The adiabatic test booth can be set up by an additional internal thermal insulation and a wall temperature corresponding to the room temperature in order to measure cooling capacity. The required cooling loads can be introduced into the booth by means of mobile, controlled electric heat sources (person simulators). Air ducts for fresh and used air allow primary air to be introduced into the booth, which is necessary when testing active chilled beams.