Heating and cooling technology

Our testing laboratory specialises in testing the heating and cooling performance of heating and cooling appliances in buildings using water as a heat transfer medium.

The heating and cooling capacity in relation to the temperature of the heating or cooling medium is an important design criterion for these components. The test conditions to determine the heating and cooling performance characteristics for the various systems are laid down in several European standards. We have two test rooms available for this purpose.

Testing hydraulic control valves is another focus of our testing laboratory. We have many years of experience in testing thermostatic radiator valves. We can also determine flow coefficients of valves and pressure losses of heating and cooling circuit distributors on our hydraulic valve test beds.

We have been testing electronic heat cost allocators in cooperation with the WTP expert office in Berlin since 2017.

Our test areas for standard tests are:

In addition to tests according to European standards, we also carry out special tests and analyses in our test facilities in consultation with customers on request. Our test rooms with temperature-controlled enclosure, valve test beds and adjustable heating and cooling circuits can be combined and used flexibly. Thanks to this and thanks to the professional competence and many years of experience of our employees, we are able to offer numerous realistic analyses.