Radiant Heating and Cooling Systems

Radiant heating and cooling systems are divided into surface embedded systems (e.g. floor heating systems) and modular systems in suspended surfaces (e.g. chilled ceilings).

The cooling capacity of chilled ceilings (suspended surfaces) is tested according to EN 14240 in a closed test booth. At the moment, the heating capacity of these ceiling surfaces can be tested according to a special test programme. However, a test standard, based on the existing test programme, is currently being set up as Part 5 of EN 14037 (radiant heating panels) in order to determine the thermal output.

The heating capacity of surface embedded systems, such as floor heating systems, is calculated for defined standard systems according to EN 1264-2. The tests have been approved by DIN CERTCO to confer the right to use the DIN mark (DIN Geprüft). Characteristic curves for specific thermal output are determined for different floor coverings. Limit curves indicating the maximum admissible surface temperature for the occupied area (29°C) as well as the peripheral area (35°C) are also determined. With EN 1264-5 the thermal output of wall or ceiling mounted systems can be calculated as well as the cooling capacity.

For special systems, which are not covered by the defined standard variants, EN 1264 stipulates an experimental determination of the thermal output of floor heating systems. Different alignments of the surfaces and the determination of the cooling capacity are calculated on the basis of floor measurements. The manufacturer has to provide a floor element 1m x 1m in size for this test. The thermal output is determined in a special test bed in a sandwich structure.

Test reports will be provided in English or in German.