Individual Zone Controllers

The control behaviour of electronic individual zone controllers is tested in a simulation environment according to EN 15500. The real control unit is linked to an environment simulated in Matlab/Simulink which emulates the controlled room and HVAC installation.

In water based HVAC systems, the individual zone controller is tested in combination with the real actuator. The control signal or the position of the actuator is transmitted to the simulated environment via an interface. In the simulated environment, the transmitted signal affects the room temperature by means of the HVAC installation model and room model. The temperature is then converted to the measuring signal required by the individual zone controller, and transmitted to the sensor input of the controller via an interface.

The simulation covers three periods of different load conditions. Control deviation and control variance are then used to determine the control accuracy (CA value). The results are summarised in a test report either in English or in German. The report will also be provided as a PDF file.

The test is carried out within the framework of the eu.bac (European Building Automation and Controls Association) certification programme.