Ceiling Mounted Radiant Panels

Ceiling mounted radiant panels are prefabricated, water-carrying heat transfer devices, which are mounted freely suspended above the useable floor space. They are installed permanently but are not part of the supporting structure of the building. The space is heated mainly by means of radiation.

We test ceiling mounted radiant panels in our closed test booths according to EN 14037 1-2-3. These tests have been approved by DIN CERTCO. The European Construction Products Directive requires that all radiant heating panels installed in EU countries have a CE marking, which includes a test of the thermal output in a certified laboratory. WSPLab has been approved to test radiant heating panels by the DIBt (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik - German Institute for Construction Technology).

The tests include the following items

The test reports will be provided in three languages (English, French, German) in electronic format as a PDF file.