BACnet is an object-based data protocol that was developed in the US especially for building automation. The specification was first defined in the ANSI/ASHRAE 135 standard and adopted later as ISO standard 16484-5. WSPLab has the skills to test the compliance of a BACnet product with the BACnet standard, and has been approved by the BACnet Interest Group Europe (B.I.G-EU) to carry out compliance tests.

The conformity test of BACnet protocols are based on the BACnet standard ISO 16484-5 (BACnet - A Data Communication Protocol for Building Automation and Control Networks), the test standard ASHRAE 135.1 (Method of Test for Conformance to BACnet) and the BTL (BACnet Testing Laboratories) test plans. A BTL work group maintains and updates the test plans to adapt them to the enhancements of the BACnet standard. Newly developed tests will be forwarded to be included in the BACnet test standard. The scope of the test depends on the configuration and the range of implemented BACnet functions of the BACnet product under test. The scope of the test will be determined by the following documents to be submitted prior to the test by the manufacturer:

The test will be charged on an hourly rate. The manufacturer will receive an estimate of the expected time and cost based on the submitted EPICS and the completed BTL checklist.

During the test period, the manufacturer will be informed of the progress of the test and the test times involved. Representatives of the manufacturer may also attend the tests.

WSPLab uses the test software BTF (BACnet Test Framework) from MBS GmbH to carry out the tests. BTF ensures a standardised and largely automatable test run at minimise time effort. Apart from BTF additional tools such as protocol analysers and BACnet browsers are used.

The device to be tested will be inspected in a network using the corresponding test and diagnostic tools. The device must be integrated in a test application that ensures the proper simulation of the equipment operation mode required for the tests.

The conformity tests cover the following checks in accordance with the test standard and the BTL test plan:

Please refer to this short introduction for further information.

At the end of the test, a test report will be drawn up in English. If the test result is positive, certification in Europe can be requested from WSPLab, and from BACnet International (BI) for the right to use a BTL logo with listing in the US. Please contact BIG-EU for further information on the certification, and BI/BTL for more information on the listing and BTL logo.