Air Duct for Control Simulations

The dynamic control characteristics of electronic individual zone controllers can be determined in a simulation test bed. This is done by connecting the control device to a simulation environment using special interfaces. As the temperature sensor is usually embedded in the individual zone controller, the standard test setup according to EN 15500 would lead to a faulty temperature control in the simulation when the control device has a significant internal self-heating capacity. For this reason we constructed an air duct in which the control device (including the temperature sensor) is placed. The temperature in the air duct can be controlled, so that it can be adapted to the temperature determined by the simulation. Inside the air duct, the air flow is uniform and turbulent at low air velocities, corresponding to the air flow pattern in a room. The air duct test bed serves as an interface between the simulation environment and the control device. The control outputs are transmitted to the simulation environment by data acquisition in the same way as in a normal test setup.

The air duct test bed is also used to test room temperature sensors according to eu.bac's test specifications.