Closed Test Booth (EN 442)

Two test beds according to EN 442-2 are available to test the heating and cooling capacity of cooling and heating surfaces, radiators or convectors. A test bed is comprised of an accessible double-walled test booth made of flat steel tubes, 4m x 4m x 3m in size. All the six surfaces surrounding the booth carry water and can be maintained at a constant temperature through a precisely controlled supply circuit. Depending on the temperature difference between the wall surfaces and the room air temperature, a heating or cooling load will be introduced into the test booth. Identical temperatures and an additional internal insulation results in an adiabatic test room, which is required for testing chilled ceilings. The cooling load can be introduced into the booth by means of mobile controlled electric simulators. Air ducts for supply and exhaust air allow primary air to be introduced into the booth, which is necessary when testing active chilled beams. The test unit is connected to a closed water circuit whose water can be heated or cooled.

With the measuring equipment and control system, it is possible to exactly control and record the relevant parameters to be measured (such as temperatures and mass flow). An automatic process can also be carried out for the measured points that are necessary to determine the characteristic curve. Depending on the unit to be measured and the applicable test standard, it is possible to set the number of points, temperatures and mass flows. Many different parameter settings enable special tests to be run under non-standard conditions. Real processes can also be simulated in experimental tests.

Permanent calibration equipment is available on both test beds, e.g. to measure the flow according to the weighing method, allowing the measurements recorded to be traced back to standards at regular intervals.