Thermal Engineering

Heating and cooling systems using water as a heat transfer medium are frequently used to achieve comfortable indoor temperatures. The design of these components requires knowledge about the heating and cooling capacity with regard to the temperature of the heating or cooling medium as well as the desired room temperature. For this reason European Standards were developed for different systems to determine and test the heating or cooling capacity dependent on the temperatures. WSPLab carries out such tests. The testing programme includes:

We also test thermostatic radiator valves used as mechanical control systems for heat energy emitting radiators. The testing of thermostatic radiator valves has been part of our testing programme since WSPLab was founded.

In addition to tests according to European standards, WSPLab also undertakes special tests in cooperation with our customers e.g. to check specific operating conditions and special systems. Our wide range of testing equipment and the technical expertise of our employees allow us to perform numerous realistic tests.