Inspection of HVAC Equipment

WSPLab carries out functional tests of installed ventilation and air conditioning or heating equipment as well as compliance tests regarding the comfort criteria of the indoor environment according to DIN EN ISO 7730 in close cooperation with our affiliated specialist office Sachverständigenbüro Dr. Bitter.

WSPLab carries out thermographic inspections of buildings and components. The main focus is on acceptance tests of chilled ceilings or thermo active building systems by imaging the active areas and assessing the function of the system.

Our qualified staff also carry out hygiene inspections of ventilation and air conditioning systems according to VDI 6022 Part 1 (Guideline of the Association of German Engineers). The hygiene inspections comprise a visual inspection with regard to hygiene deficiencies as well as microbiological examinations in cooperation with an institute for microbiological food analysis. The test reports include recommendations for required cleaning measures.